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I’m creating a life to love after caregiving ends by being with awesome people like you!

Richard loved to travel, and boy, did we go everywhere together.

Transantarctic cruises, European tours, car tours in and around the United States, we went everywhere together! One of our most favorite pictures is us sporting our bow ties on a formal night on one of our transatlantic cruises.

After Richard’s diagnosis of esophageal cancer in 2011, our travel was curtailed quite a bit, but did we dreamed about going taking more trips and cruises. As I think back to those times, I now realize planning and anticipating those trips helped both of us get through some very difficult times while dealing with a cancer diagnosis. In fact, just six weeks before Richard made his life transition, we had planned a weeklong cruise with a group of friends to celebrate his 83 birthday. But as things often do while in the middle of caregiving, Richard’s condition started to deteriorate and we had to cancel our travel plans (yes, I did purchase protection!)

The Story Behind TLO.

TLO Travel and Tours is named after my deceased partner, Bernard Richard Schiffer. TLO is an acronym we developed together while blogging about his bout with esophageal cancer on The Purple Jacket. TLO means, “The Little One” as he stood one foot shorter than me! Every time there was an update on The Purple Jacket about Richard’s condition, he loved it when readers simply asked…” How’s TLO Doing!”

Community that supports each other

One of our goals with TLO Travel and Tours is to create a community that not only travels together, but supports each other before, during and after caregiving ends. I am fully aware that many caregivers are unable to travel while caring for a family member, friend or loved one. I am keenly aware that when caregiving ends, there is a major void in the life of a Caregiver. For me, connecting with friends has helped me reconnect to life. Travel is a way for people to meet, greet, stay connected and forge lasting friendships.

Caring for a family member or friend who needs a little assistance? As a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate, I can ensure safe travel and provide you with just about any durable medical device used at home, delivered to your cabin, stateroom or hotel world-wide! Is mobility the issue? All our travel partners are well equipped to take your worry away and provide you with the trip of a lifetime.

From your family to ours, our goal is to build an extended family through TLO Travel and Tours.

Why Us?

I understand there are quite a bit of options available when selecting a travel agent. I also understand working through the maze of travel information online can be tiresome, and confusing. Powered by Travel Planners International, TLO Travel and Tours travel is globally connected, ensuring best pricing and a worry-free, personalized experience for all our travelers to enjoy.
At TLO Travel and Tours we are your advocate and understand travel is for everyone! Tag Line: I’m creating a life to love after caregiving ends by being with awesome people like you! I’m creating a life to love after caregiving end through travel.
Chris MacLellan

Yes, I can Book your flight and Hotels.

I am excited to announce our 3rd Cruising Plar Bear adventure. Feel free to contact me for additional information on this sailing and future Cruising Polar Bear Events.

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